Water Decals


Recently I posted about buying a lot of water decals from WhatsUpNails, and the variety and extensive collection they offer for a great price. In this post I will talk you through my first attempt at using these…

I first used a clear base coat, then a layer of white polish. Then cut out the designs and one by one placed them in water for a few seconds and then placed onto the nail making sure it is large enough to cover what you want and is in the right place. Smoothing it over with my finger and pushing it in around the edges. 

I finished all of my nails to make sure they dried for a bit then added a top coat..then removed the excess decal with a file for the tip, and a mixture of nail clippers, my finger and a little nail tool! 


I was pleasantly surprised with the result, they were fairly easy to do, a little fiddly and time consuming but overall, I was super happy with my first attempt. With a little practice I am sure the process will get quicker and still achieve a good result. 

Have you used water decals before, what did you think?


2 thoughts on “Water Decals

  1. These water decals really bring back my childhood!
    I remember their design was pretty tacky and less sophisticated but I am kind of glad that this technic is not obsolete yet!
    I really like the colour combinations, love the soft colours and details. Great post! ‘ox

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