Following on from my last LUSH halloween post, this one will be looking at the christmas items now available.

‘Snow Fairy’ naked body conditioner (£8.25), super sweet and smells like the shower gel. As well as, ‘Snow Fairy’ naked shower gel, (£8.25) this is incredible like the conditioner, you can leave it on the side of the bath and it will dry and leave no marks ready for your next bath! These are also available in ‘Lord of Misrule’ too which is amazing.

Snow Fairy’ which is a staple in the LUSH collection, which is now available in a soap, ‘snow fairy’ (£5.95) and a snow fairy ‘fun’ (£6.25)

‘Lord of Misrule’ is another favourite, both the shower gel (£9.95) and bath bomb (£3.95), but I have left this for my next trip so I can try new products in the mean time.


‘Twilight’  (£6.95), lavender and tonka, this cocoa butter bar will soften and hydrate skin.

‘Snow Fairy’ sparkle jar (£6.95) sweet smelling and super softening.


‘Twilight’ (£9.95) lavender, ylang ylang and tonka is very calming and lingers on the skin too.

‘Rose Jam’ (£10.95) vanilla, sicillian lemon iol and goji berry juice is refreshing and floral.

‘Berry Berry Christmas’ (£11.95) this looks so pretty in the bottle with all of the glitter, and is a lovely colour. with cranberries and blueberry juice and orange and bergamot oils, uplift the mood and leaving you feeling refreshed.

‘Bubbly’ shower gel (£9.95) sweet orange and lime oils soothe the skin and the citrus elements will cleanse the skin.

‘Rose Jam’ naked shower gel (£10.75)a beautiful floral fragrance, conditioning the skin.

‘Santas Belly’ shower jelly (£4.75) a sweet yet fruity scent, with bergamot oil and rose absolute which is soothing for the skin.

‘Snowman’ shower jelly (£4.50) with seaweed which is gentle on the skin, with a spring like fragrance to lift your mood.


‘Once Upon A Time’ naked body lotion, (£7.95)

‘Once Upon A Time’ body lotion (£13.95)


‘Shoot For The Stars’ bath bomb (£4.50)

‘Thundersnow’ bath bomb (£4.50)

‘Christmas Sweater’ bath bomb (£4.50)

‘Luxury lush Pud’ bath bomb (£4.50)

‘Golden Wonder’ bath bomb (£4.50)

‘Giant Golden Wonder’ bath bomb (£12.95)

‘Sherbet Dip’ bath bomb (£3.75)


‘Plum Snow’ bubble bar (5.95)

‘The Snowman’ bubbleroon (£4.25)

‘Christmas Eve’ bubble bar (£3.95)

‘My Two Front Teeth’ bubble bar (£3.95)

‘Candy Mountain’ bubble bar (£3.25)

‘Man in the Moon’ bubble bar  (£5.95)

‘Magic Wand’ reusable bubble bar (£5.95)

‘The Magic of Christmas’ reusable bubble bar (£5.95)

‘Christmas Cracker’ bubble bar (£5.95)


‘Santas Christmas’ shower cream (£10.95)

‘Santas Christmas’ naked shower cream (£10.75)


‘Star Light Star Bright’ bath melt (£4.25) ginger and lime oils and silky murumuru butter, with a colourful surprise

‘Tree-d’ bath oil (£4.50) almond oil, cocoa butter with a tangerine and grapefruit scent, truly relaxing.

‘Snow Angel’ bath melt (£4.50) moisturising cocoa butter, rose absolute with a marzipan scent.


‘Bucks Fizz’ body conditioner (£8.95) also naked body conditioner (£8.75)

‘Christingle’ body conditioner (£9.95) also naked (£9.75)


‘Salt and Peppermint Bark’ body scrub (£6.95) quite harsh on my sensitive

‘Candy Cane Roulade’ shower smoothie (£8.34) with mint oil being the predominant smell, a soft cleanse with a tingling sensation


‘Hedgewitch’ soap (£5.94) mulberries and blackberries with a sweet twist.

‘Snowcloud’ (£5.70) with marshmallow root and orange oil, its uplifting and super soft

‘Christmas Rocker’ (£4.50) this looks super pretty and smells of tangerines and citrus fruits.

‘Baked Alaska’ (£4.50) with ylang ylang oil and a citrus scent which is uplifting with some popping candy!

‘Shooting Stars’ (£4.95) a lemon and lime themed soap

‘Hidden Mountain’ (£5.70) a woody or musky aroma with lavender oils.

‘Saucy Snowcake’ (£5.40) rose absolute which calms the skin and cranberries to lift the mood

‘Christmas Citrus’ (£5.10)  packed with lime, lemon and bergamot oils.

‘Golden Pear’ (£6.50), A super cute orange glittery pear with pear puree and cardamom oil, and a ring of cocoa butter, so it can be used in the shower too!


‘Shades of Gold, Frankincense and Mryyh’ lip block (£12.50)

‘Santa baby’ lip scrub (£5.95)

‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ lip scrub (£5.95)

‘Santa Baby’ (£6.50) lip tint also naked (£5.75)

‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ (£6.50) lip tint also naked (£5.75)


‘Buche de noel’ fresh cleanser (£7.50) also available- alcohol free



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