So I have been super busy settling back into uni, I am in my last year again.. I decided to repeat the year due to not-so-good results because I had a lot of health issues and was in and out of hospital.. 

Anyway, i’ve been sorting out assessments and exams etc..But last night I got to let my hair down and spend some proper time out with my best friend Estelle, and my lovely partner Jack! 

We spent tonnes of time in LUSH, where they had just launched the Halloween and Christmas products, which were super exciting and the new stuff is awesome.

We also made our own ‘Big Blue’ bath bomb, and tried out some new products 

First of all I have to state that LUSH are reducing packaging to help with the environment and are coming up with alternatives to the classic products you may have seen. This post is looking at some of the Halloween collection. Unfortunately, they have discontinued my favourite bath melt, ‘Boo’…

I bought my classic halloween favourite, ‘Monsters Ball’ which I definitely recommend for skin, aesthetics and scent (£4.50)! Its also sooo cute. 

‘Bewitched’ (£4.25) was the first new product I picked up, its a super cute kitty face with pretty spooky eyes, with a sweet woody scent with blackberries. It’s so different from many other things I have tried from LUSH so far. 

I fell in love with ‘Goth Fairy’ a super cute lilac fairy which is a shimmer bar, with tonnes of glitter. (£5.95) With almond, bergamot and grapefruit, and a multitude of colours and fun.

The classic ‘Pumpkin’ bath bomb, literally a mini pumpkin, (£4.25) is amaaazing, with cinnamon and vanilla. A lovely aroma in the bathroom which lingers around on the skin. 

I wasn’t super overwhelmed by the Jelly Bombs- ‘Ectoplasm’ (£4.95) with seaweed, tangerine and grapefruit and a super gooey oozy centre, you do need a super hot bath for these to work but I guess it just didn’t tickle my fancy. ‘Snow Fairy’ which is a staple in the LUSH collection,.

Bubble bars; ‘Sparkly Pumpkin’ (£4.25) with juniperberry oil, which I love, grapefruit and lime. ‘Pink Pumpkin’ with geranium oil, bergamot oil and jasmine absolute.  

Naked products;

There are solid lip tints, ‘Black Rose’ (£6.25) as well as a solid scrub (£5.75). 

Soaps; ‘Magic Wand’ (£4.50) pomegranate and citrus scent, ‘Hedgewitch’ (£5.94) with mulberries and blackberries, leaving a sweet scent. 


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