Monsters Ball

My thoughts have not changed at all! I love this so much and recommend to anyone.

The Best of Beauty

Hello everyone, sorry this got lost in my very unorganised drafts folder!

Here is a post about a much loved bath bomb from Lush Halloween Collection called Monsters Ball. 

As well as being quite adorable and featuring a cute cocoa butter eye which moisturises the skin its a gorgeous mix of pastel pink and blue. Not too bold or subtle. It made a gorgeous purple bath and looked amazing.


With lime and neroli oil it’s refreshing and perfect for summer as well as for the colder months too. I love this so much, the colours, scent and feel on the skin is just perfect. I am sooo looking forward to repurchasing this, it was one of my big favourites this year!

feel on the skin 10/10

scent 10/10

colour 10/10

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