Benefit Cosmetics

I was wondering around my local Boots, and a lady whose name I don’t remember, but she was lovely, asked me if I wanted a quick makeover trying out some products and I said yes. I wouldn’t say no to a little bit of free pampering! 

We had a little chat about what products I use from the brand anyway and what I did and didn’t use in my daily routine. She first used some concealer -Erase Paste in fair £20.50, I did like this but for such a small pot and the stickiness of the formula didn’t appeal to me. Then she went on to use some foundation again in fair -Hello Flawless £26.50, the price was a little too much and I did inspect the slight orange tones on my face which wasn’t so flattering, the colour of the make up pad remover was awful. The powder was next -Hello Flawless £25.50, again a high price and not one I would be willing to pay for something a much cheaper alternative does for me. Im not 100% sure on the blusher she used but they are about £23.50 which again is too much for me, it was a subtle pinky colour that I liked but not enough to invest that much in a small pot of blusher. We also used mascara -They’re real £19.50 this did make my eyelashes longer and bolder, but it was on top of my usual mascara, I liked the look but maybe just for special occasions rather than daily wear. A new product we tried was for brows -Gimme Brow gel £18.50 in light/medium it added some more colour and definition to my brows and made them look sharper, I did like this and you apply it like mascara with a little wand, but the price is a little too much, maybe i’ll add this to my wishlist/christmas list! 

So there was my experience with a lovely lady from Benefit Cosmetics in my local boots, for free. A little pampering, trying anything I wanted and learning more about the brand. 

Overall, I enjoyed the experience and have found just one item I would invest in the eyebrow gel, but for me, everything else I can get from an alternative brand without the large price tag. 

Do you use any of these products? What would you like to try?


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